EGIAD is a non governmental organization (NGO) established in 1990 by 47 young industrialists and businessmen. It has been carrying out different activities aiming its own members on one hand and public investigations, surveys, lobbying and such like on the other, within the frame of the objectives as assembling the young entrepreneurs under the same roof with the mission of being good samples and pioneers to society, helping them to transfer their experiences to others and public disclosure about different subjects.

The power of EGIAD as a non governmental organization does not only source from its image and prestige which has been continuing for 20 years but also the big share of the accretion value in production and employment volume created in national economy by its members. The ages of 70 percent of 513 members are between 22 and 40. EGIAD has a business potential, employing about 45000 people, and a business cooperation network, consisting of nearly 3500 both small and medium sized enterprises and big business also, all in service on the sectoral basis of 60 percent industry (being 76% of which manufacturing, 15% construction, 6% energy, 10% mining), 33 percent services, 5 percent agriculture and 2 percent finance.

Nearly 60 percent of the members are in cooperation with the countries abroad in different areas such as business partnership, external trade, etc. In the members’ portfolio, EGIAD has got companies from agricultural and service sectors, including textile, clothing, food processing, machinery, construction, trade, automotive, electric electronic and iron-steel industry. Taking part actively on every platform and in any subject, our organization has been pioneering by stimulating its members for entrepreneurism in different sectors, with its routine meetings and activities.

EGIAD continuously appeals new members from different sectors and, by combining them together in itself, helps them to have exchange of ideas and economic agreements, to find out solutions for sectoral and macro economic problems, to create common attitude in progress and growth. EGIAD, whilst being attentive to integrate and collaborate with other GIAD, SIAD and NGOs in Turkey at the macro level in its activities, has been continuing its research and development works within the scope of duties and responsibilities with the groups of committees and subcommittees at micro level.

EGIAD takes part among the founding members of such organizations, existing or being under installation, as EGIFED(The Federation of Aegean young businessmen organizations), BASIFED(The Federation of Western Anatolia industrialists and businessmen organizations), TUGIK (The Confederation of Turkish Young Businessmen) and TURKONFED(The Confederation of Turkish Enterprise and Business World), collateral and having the same working subjects.

EGIAD is proud to have periodical bulletins like the magazine BEYOND, which is carried out together with the students of DEU Faculty of Business and is a first from the point of being prepared with the collaboration of a Young Businessmen’s NGO and a university, and The Magazine EGIAD YARIN, whose design studies and preparatory works are done by an editorial board of experts working professionally, and delivered to 2000 people by postage and more than 8000 people as e-journal free of charge being a qualified and privileged publication. Being aware of the fact that a well-trained youth, education and human capital are important factors in raising awareness of public and preparing our country in the best way in every subject for the future, EGIAD, together with the support of its own members and a number of volunteers and education-volunteer companies, laid the foundation of EGIAD PRIMARY SCHOOL in Urla, Izmir, on January 16, 2004, and starting organized Education, donated it to the Ministry of Education. The support of the organization has been going on non-stop since then. EGIAD, proceeding on its way with its corporate structure and an understanding of ‘modern NGO’, has succeeded in branding with its distinguished member portfolio, substantial cooperation with other institutions and organizations, publications and papers fulfilled earnestly, reliable image and recognition level in public since the very beginning day