Partnerships and Alliances

1. Embryoniks Limited Company:

EGIAD is one of the partners of Embryoniks Limited Company founded in 2004, together with Izmir Economy University, ITO (Izmir Chamber of Commerce), EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) and ESIAD (The Association of Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen) to contribute the progress and build-up of the area economics by supporting entrepreneurial ideas and establisment of new businesses.

2. Izmir Technology Development Area Incorporated Company:

Together with Balcova Thermal Tourism and Private Educational Institutions Limited Company, IYTE (Izmir High Technology Institute), Unibel Private Training and Information Technologies Industrial Limited Company, Aegean University, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir Economy University, EBSO, IZTO, ITB, General Secreteriat of EIB, IESOB (Izmir Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen), Alatas Alaçatı Reconstruction and Building Industry and Trade Inc., ESIAD, IZSIAD, Enda Energy Holding Inc., Vestel Electronics Inc., Konsan Info and Technology Productions Inc., Izmir Technopark Trade Inc. and Aegean Technology and Performance Foundation, EGIAD is one of the co-partners of Izmir Technology Development Area, which was founded to achieve the objectives such as producing technological information, developing new methods in production systems and products, enhancing the quality or standard of the goods, increasing productivity, reducing the cost of production and recognizing the technological information, aiming to restore the the industry of the country upto a competitive and export-oriented level by cooperating with the universities, research institutes and organizations and manufacturing sectors.

3. Dokuz Eylül Technology Development Area Inc.:

EGIAD has formed the founding committee of Dokuz Eylül Technology Development Area Inc. together with DEU Presidency, Tire Organized Industrial Zone, Aegean Free Trade Zone Founder and Operating Inc., Taris Inc., Hipokrat Medical Instruments and Apparatus Manufacturing and Marketing Inc., Netsis Inc. and Teon Electronics Industry and Trade Inc.