Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a leading non-governmental organization creating sustainable and superior value in all areas of economic and social life.

Our Mission

To develop Turkey’s social competitive power with social responsibility consciousness and our stakeholder’s contributions

Our Objective

EGIAD helps to improve the social structure and set up a perception of democratic civil society and secular law state, defending and obeying the human rights and universal principles, respectful to the freedom of thought and belief and being loyal to Atatürk’s contemporary civilization aim and his principles.

EGIAD members carry out their activities according to the universal professional ethical rules. Together with fixing the legal and corporate infrastructure of market economy and the liberal economy rules, EGIAD supports the policies aiming to increase the competitive capacity, by means of establishing anenvironment which will perpetuate enhancing theproductivity and quality and aiming to use the natural sources of the country in the most effective way, supporting with technological innovations.

EGIAD, underlying the aims mentioned above, is determined to serve its members and the national economy by gathering the young businessmen in Aegean Region primarily under a single roof to make them merge, to implement the information exchange in professional subjects, to improve relationships with the related private and government institutions, to carry out studies for the purpose of informing the public about EGIAD’s areas of activities; and besides, it also aims to think up ideas related to economical, cultural and social subjects regarding Aegean Region and Turkey, to conduct lobbying activities, to make scientific researches about various subjects with the intention of disclosure, to improve the cooperation with the equivalent bodies in the country or abroad within the scope of present course of law, and thus, to ensure that both its members and the national economy will make the best use of these studies.